The Social Network

I just finished watching the movie “The Social Network”. Not sure how much is fact or how much is fiction but nevertheless I found it entertaining. The movie was a good dose of the entrepreneurial spirit, a slice of the harshness that is the business world and a great life lesson on being honest and […]

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Trend towards Network Scanning

After a few false starts, and probably an industry getting ahead of itself, document scanner hardware vendors and document capture software vendors finally seem to grasp the opportunity of network scanning.  However, and certainly more importantly than the vendors themselves better understanding the significant trend towards network scanning, end-user customers are demanding these types of […]

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The SharePoint effect

‘SharePoint is ubiquitous’. Ubiquitous (adj.) is defined as ‘Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent’. Microsoft has certainly invested heavily on marketing SharePoint, but they have also invested heavily in Zune.  Why is SharePoint an unbelievable success and Zune….well, isn’t? People might dispute when SharePoint truly became a legitimate ECM offering, but I would […]

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The ‘No Folder Zone’ Despite tremendous improvements in document capture technology and ease of use becoming more prevalent, the fact of the matter is that document capture is not totally automated and often involves human intervention.  Therefore, careful considering the pro’s and con’s of your document capture strategy is imperative to ultimately create better operational efficiencies within your organization or, unfortunately, […]


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