This weekend was fun. It’s the first signs of Spring coming and the weather is wonderful. Saturday was probably around the low-80’s at the high and Sunday was even better in the low-90’s is my best meteorological guess. Saturday we went out to get some household essentials but also some plants and herbs. Although we […]

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Why a network scanner?

I often get asked this question so I decided to consolidate some of the compelling reasons organizations should consider dedicated network scanners: Dedicated use device for scanning documents • No need to wait for the copy machine to become free for use • Versatile functionality without compromise of added complexity • Advanced scanning functions performed […]

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“Whew!!!” is about all the energy I have to say right now. The last month has been extremely busy for me with a full load of business travel. It’s all good and each trip has been rewarding and been extremely productive however I am human, after-all, and it’s grueling to keep a schedule like this. […]

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Napster, MP3, YouTube, iPhone and MySpace. You may be asking yourself “what does this have to do with document scanning?” In reality, not much, other than large file sizes, however when we draw an analogy between large audio files like those found on Napster such as wav files or mp3’s, video files like those found […]

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