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Our Furry Children

When we first adopted Jackson as a puppy from the local ASPCA, I was very concerned that he might pose a physical threat to Bella due to the inherent nature of his breed, not to mention his size. Obviously, I … Continue reading

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Financial Fiasco

I would like to preface this entry with a few points: # 1) I had a feeling this day would come even though I’ve been trying to avoid it like the plague. What is this you might ask yourself? Well, … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Computing

The Evolution of Computing While it was refreshing trying to establish the tone of my blog and build the foundation of what I hope to share/discuss with those reading my entries, I never got to the point of what I … Continue reading

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Technology = Positivity

Abstract Despite the current economic situation and unprecedented turmoil in the financial markets, I remain extremely positive for the future. In particular, I continue to pay close attention to IT (Information Technology) spending and try to predict whether it might … Continue reading

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing seems like a major emerging market and opportunity for those who understand the technology.  I am eager to learn more and be involved in this trend.  Major technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, HP, EMC and others … Continue reading

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