Bleu-Berry update, 9/8/2017

Bella’s passing, honestly, is still raw with Brandee, Jack and I and this is no kidding. Five months later and we still miss our little sweet Bellaringa; and will miss her forever I’m sure. She is the greatest but it’s heartening to know that her wonderful legacy lives on!

However, today’s blog is about a Bleu update. It’s very difficult to share updates about Bleu, as much as I would like to, but it hurts because I always think about Bella. Nevertheless, here goes with a Baby Bleu update.

Blue was officially rescued from the great San Jose Animal Care Center at the young age of 5 weeks old and 1.5 pounds. The rescue was amazing!

I really had no intention of adopting a cat that day. In fact, I was admittedly against it as Brandee and my reason for the visit was to get a puppy that could re-energize Jack’s, and our, broken spirits since Bella went to Rainbow Bridge. But, as I was walking by the cat habitats at the Center this little, tiny, jet-black kitten (that wasn’t even a grand total of six-inches long) began to scratch at the glass and got my attention. She immediately grabbed my heart and the rest was history. After about only one hour after I met Bleu, we were taking her back to her forever home.

Apparently, she was there with one of her sisters which had be already been rescued when we visited the Center and Bleu was left behind. I knew from the second that I saw her that she was going to be a part of our family so we went through the adoption process and the great folks at San Jose Animal Care Center were absolutely awesome!

I cannot thank all the wonderful people at the San Jose Animal Care Center enough. They all are so awesome, terrific and compassionate. The volunteer that interviewed me for Bleu’s rescue was such a nice and caring guy. All the nice ladies that helped process the paperwork were very sincere. It was a very pleasant experience indeed.

Fast-forward from a little-Baby Bleu of six inches long (at 5 weeks old) to now, 5 months later, an 8.7-pound young girl. Bleu is such a fantastic sister to her two canine brothers. Each of the canines has extremely different temperaments and Bleu does a great job to navigate these dangerous territories.

Bleu treats them 100% completely different and it’s quite amazing. With our puppy, Gracie, which is a 11-month old chiweenie, Bleu is as aggressive as can be and they play nearly all day long as loving sisters. Both Gracie and Bleu were rescued on the same day, and although they had never met each other until we brought them home together, they act like biologically-integrated sisters. With Jack, Bleu’s behavior is completely different because Jack is more slow and deliberate. Therefore, Bleu has no fear of his nearly 100-pound brute body, yet just leaves him alone. Also, Jack’s totally chill nature is really awesome as we have no fear whatsoever that he would ever hurt Bleu. Sometimes Jack and Bleu will cuddle on chilly nights so this winter should be interested for all of us.

Brandee and I have left the door wide open for Bleu to come and go as she wishes. Although we really considered this a lot and it was an extremely tough decision, we ultimately decided that she needs to be free as an indoor/outside cat. Thus far, knock-on-wood, I think this is the best result for everyone. Bleu loves her freedom, and sometimes wanders too far off, yet still stays within range.


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Summertime blues with Bella

Hey Honey-Baby,

We miss you like crazy.

Bella, we miss your sweet personality. We miss your prissy-attitude. We miss your overall demeanor and presence. You were such a large part of our daily lives for nearly 15 years.

Summertime used to feel so energetic, fun and exciting with you. Somehow your positive feline-spirit shined thru and we had fantastic times. This summer has been different though. It’s been a difficult summer, quite frankly.

As a young kitty, and although we were nervous for your safety, we always knew that you could take care of yourself when you would disappear late at night. You always came home to us. Sometimes your ear had a chunk removed or your nose was bloodied, but I guarantee that the other-side got their ass whipped!

As always, I need to mention that your Buddy, Jackson, is missing you tremendously also. I can only hope that he understands. Honestly though, I would be fooling myself to think that he’s been the same. That is simply not the truth. We are doing our best together.

We miss you so much every day, every moment and every minute, our Sweetie. It is sad without you because you filled our lives with so much happiness. For this happiness, we cannot thank you enough.


Daddy, Mommy and Bubby

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Dear honey baby,

This is our first 4th of July without you and it’s really awful. We miss your great spirit and wonderful demeanor. We miss your spunky attitude.

Every day, as I hope you know, I say a special prayer for your safe passage into Pet Heaven and I visit you often. It warms my heart that you are in such a special place among so many great people but it doesn’t lessen the pain of missing you nonetheless.

I can fondly remember such beautiful memories of previous 4th of July events that we spent together. Those were so special and incredible times. I will cherish those precious memories forever. Thank you for being such an absolutely perfect daughter.

Unfortunately, I have bad news to share about bubby but I must share. After another terrible vet-visit to get him sedated for his nails trimming, he had a growth removed which turned out to be cancerous again. He will have surgery soon and we will shower him with love in the interim.

Although our house is full of activity, it still lacks your personality, to be very honest. On this 4th of July holiday I simply hope that you are in comfort in the most wonderful place in the world in Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge. It’s my hope that you can enjoy a pet’s version of BBQ with whatever food of your pleasure.  We miss you baby!!!



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Furryth-of-July 2017

July 2, 2017

Dear my sweetest of furr-balls,

Happy Furryth-of-July’s!!!

As the 241st anniversary of the United States of America Independence Day is upon us I cannot but reflect on all those who have fought and sacrificed for our ‘Independence’. First, and foremost, I am so proud of my immediate family members that proudly served our country.

Lynn, Gene, Carl and Leonard (left to right in the photo below), you have all earned our nation’s utmost respect and have served our country so honorably. God Bless you all.

Now imagine that you are a little baby and it’s your very first Independence Day, 4th of July, celebration. This will be the case for both Gracie, our 8-month-old puppy, and Bleu, our 3-month-old kitten. I’m sure we all will have a delicious holiday as Brandee always has some nice meal planned even as something as BBQ becomes a special event and it’s always scrumptious.

The 2017 version of the Neal Furryth-of-July will be represented by Jack, Gracie and Bleu. We are so blessed to have them as a part of our current family.

However, it’s important that we remember the past as well.

Two such lovely furry ladies that I love so much are Misty and Bella.  Misty was a neighborhood ally-cat that found her way into our home (literally) at about age 20-years and we whole-heartedly welcomed her as our own.  Bella, of course, was our tiny baby for nearly 15 beautiful years and she still is, and will always be, the most precious baby for me personally.  I miss you Baby Furr.

So, for this Furryth-of-July, from the Neal furry family, we want to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Independence Day. Certainly, go enjoy your time at BBQ’s, parties or other events, but please give some time to reflect on those who have made our special day, exceptionally great.



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Struggle to adjust without Bella

June 25th, 2017

Dear Sweet Baby Bella,

It’s been two months since you went to Pet Heaven at Rainbow Bridge and our missing you is more painful than ever. We love you.

As you know we have two new additions to the family with Bleu and Gracie, and we love them dearly, but there just isn’t a strong bond with them yet; to be very honest. At least for me personally. I feel this awful guilt and something just isn’t natural at this point. Maybe, over time, we will feel more comfortable together. I just don’t know.

Your bub, Jack, seems to be of the same opinion based on his body language. He seems somewhat withdrawn and stubborn recently. It could be from the summer heat and desire to lounge around in the air-conditioned house, but I truly feel that he misses you as badly as I do. It’s truly painful.

Jack and I spend so many private, special moments together and that’s really wonderful. I sneak him food and give him lots of extra special attention. I talk with him and try to explain things as best as I can. He is such a perfect guy that we cannot love him enough.

Sweet Bella, I’m going to change my Facebook logo today from your beautiful picture today and I feel an awful guilt about doing-so but I hope you can understand. I will rotate images of your beauty in your great honor just as I have with Misty.



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