Life updates, 8/11/2018

It’s been a very busy last few months at the Neal Casa. We’ve been busy with life, business and reflection.

As I get older my dad continues to get smarter and smarter. He said time with friends and family is the most precious thing in life, and he was absolutely right.

RJ’s Legacy

RJ - A wonderful legacy of a decent person

RJ – A wonderful legacy of a decent person

We lost a great man this past month. RJ was 100 years young and he was really a wonderful man of decency. He was a hard-working guy from Arkansas who was such an inspirational person. RJ was a man of many, many talents including being handy with just about everything including chainsaws, automotive stuff, plumbing or sorting out every day life’s complications.

RJ was a dedicated family man and one of the humblest people I’ve ever met. Every time I would talk with RJ, or about him with others, I always learned some new and interesting activity that he was involved. It was really incredible that this wonderful man lived such a blessed life. I’ve heard stories about hound dogs, honey bees, BBQ and, most importantly, life lessons.

RJ had a special gift to deliver important life lessons without being dramatic. He was the epitome of paying-it-forward for his entire life. He was truly one of the good guys and I sincerely appreciate his friendship. He has left a great legacy and lasting impact on my life forever. God Bless you RJ and thanks for being the perfect person you are.

Five amazing things about this great man are:

  1. Wonderful family man with well-respecting children
  2. A great patriotic person with excellent respect for life, liberty and happiness
  3. Outstanding caretaker for his bee-hives
  4. Terrific knowledge of getting stuff done, know matter what is was
  5. …and most of all, the best guy to get general life advice that is so precious


Jackson Update

Our best buddy, Jackson

Our best buddy, Jackson

Brandee and my best buddy, our beloved Jackson, is starting to show his age. As always, he maintains a wonderful spirit and zest for living but his body is failing him and he’s lost a lot of weight recently due to his cancer or possibly diabetes.

We are watching him closely all hours of the day to keep him content and comfortable.

Jack has been our beautiful son since we adopted him in January 2006. He has brought us so much fun and joy. Jack was an amazing younger brother to his older feline sister, Bella. He is also such a wonderful older brother to his two nerdy younger sisters, Gracie and Bleu.

Please pray for Jack and his great spirit.  He is a very special Angel.

Here are several Jackson highlights I would like to share:

  1. He is such a sweet brother to his feline sisters, but he will ferociously defend them if a strange cat comes into our territory
  2. Jack loves to take car-rides and walks outside
  3. He never complains and just loves to be with others
  4. Jack likes peanut butter a lot and also likes when he gets bones to chew
  5. Jack loves to have big social events where family and friends gather together. He is a social butter-fly


Business Update

P3iD Technologies, Inc.

P3iD Technologies, Inc.

There are so many fantastic updates to the business that I can’t nearly share them all so let me just say this; we have established a business of Trust.

If you Trust then everything seems to find a way to work itself out. I am absolutely pleased at the wonderful people that are contributing their skills to build our great company. I am truly humbled by all the support. Also, I cannot express how grateful I am for the support of our fabulous partners.

I’ve had a vision, and openly shared this concept on social media for many years, of a collaborative technology ecosystem and it’s amazing to see it come in to play so quickly. As a quick summary let me please share:

  1. P3iD is now a California Incorporated Company
  2. P3iD has two outstanding additions to our Executive team who are making such a positive impact
  3. P3iD is officially a key contributing member of several technology organizations
  4. P3iD has a solid road map of products for sale now as end-user applications, OEM and for consideration for co-development projects
  5. P3iD is a major Technology Sponsor at an upcoming industry event

Overall, I could not be more pleased with the progress of the business!

As busy as I am, I still want to slow down and share the important things in life. These things are the terrific legacy of RJ. There is nothing more precious than the decency of such a person.

God Bless,


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Springtime activities

One of the fun things that Brandee and I have enjoyed doing recently is going and walking around the local flea market. We don’t go to ever buy anything really, we just leisurely browse the stands and enjoy being in the nice sunshine together. An odd thing that we did discovered, and which is very surprising, is that for the few items which we did actually ask about the price, it turns out that the flea market price was higher than you would expect for things that you can find at regular stores. I always thought that the flea market was for cheaper things but we hadn’t been in a while. Things have really changed and I don’t know why anyone would want to pay more for flea market items that are exactly that same that you can get cheaper and elsewhere???  Anyhow, there must be some logic for this that we don’t understand.

Capital Drive-In Flea Market

There are two rather famous flea markets organized in San Jose. We generally go to the smaller of the two. The Capital Drive-In Flea Market is held at, as you can imagine, a Drive-In Theater Parking Lot. Many years ago there was no such flea market at the drive-in but I can probably guess that this is now a good portion of their revenue as less and less people tend to go to drive-in movies.

I’ve also really enjoyed reconnecting with my friends again for little things like a business lunch. Although we do talk a little bit of business, we mostly talk about life, family, sports and sometimes politics. After being confined to the house mostly and not being able to drive for seven months, this little luxury of socializing with friends is that even more of a pleasure.

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Recovering from my ankle injury

Kevin “walking” at the mall

I continue to make good progress from my ankle injury from last September. I only started driving and walking again about two months ago! It’s really amazing that the human body is so fragile, yet resilient at the same time. I thank God every day for his great blessings and healing. I thank God for the tremendous skill and honesty of the surgeons as well as everyone else that took care of me in those delicate times. The Lord truly does perform miracles.

While I was always confident that I would eventually walk again, as bad as the injury was, I really had no concept of what permanent damage I might have done. Fortunately, the only side effects nine months later are a slight limp, but nothing serious. I do have three, large titanium plates and 14 screws in my ankle that may cause arthritis in the future so I have to be diligent to continue and do a lot of exercise to regain more range-of-motion. Overall this is not a bad condition at all.

A strange side effect is that I enjoy the simple task of standing on my own two feet and I enjoy long walks with no particular destination in mind. I just go and stroll around the flea market, go window-shopping at the local mall or just walk around the house aimlessly. I really do have a greater appreciation for good health.

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Gearing up for summertime activities

Jackson Neal

Jackson Neal

After another rather mild California spring weather-wise, we are gearing up for summertime activities of BBQ, going to the beach and other fun social events with our friends. This year, in particular, I think we will appreciate the simplest of activities more than ever because we had been so restricted on what we could do since my ankle injury last September.

Brandee loves to cook and host events so I’m sure that we will be having our fair share of BBQ’s at our home which I look forward to very much. Another thing we are really looking forward to is taking Jack to the beach and let him walk in the sand. He has never been so we’re not sure if he will like it or not but we want him to experience this anyhow. He is a Labrador Retriever breed so typically they like the water and sand. We think he will like it and it will bring him a lot of joy in his life so we look forward to a trip to Santa Cruz sometime soon.

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Our furry children update, 6/10/2018

Back to Front: Jackson, Gracie, Bleu

Brandee and I continue enjoying being parents to our two dogs (Jack and Gracie) and one cat (Bleu). They are all a constant source of entertainment for us each and every day. Jack is getting much slower and less active in his old age but he seems happy and that’s what matters. We always give him extra special attention as he is the senior citizen of our bunch and he has to put up with two young sisters. He is a super good big brother to both Gracie and Bleu and we are so very proud of him.

Gracie is the one that is most obnoxious because she is always full of energy and getting into trouble. It’s just her spirit to be this way and it’s actually quite funny because her personality is 100+ miles-per minute where Jack is so laid-back and relaxed that it’s quite an interesting dynamic between the two of them. Gracie keeps Brandee busy nearly all day long which is very entertaining for me.

Bleu, on the other hand, just minds her own business a good majority of the time. Although Bleu is an indoor-outdoor cat, so she can come and go as she pleases, it gives us great comfort that mostly she likes to just hang out in our backyard and rarely wander off anywhere outside of our yard. It’s quite strange for a cat but it’s good to know that she’s safe.

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